Welcome to the forty-third instalment of our weekly series: The Kings of Kickstarter. From  multi-purpose snoods to Eco-battleships,  our last Kings brought some serious design to the Roundtable. As per usual, NUBI has procured 5 Kings (and of course one jester) and presented them below.  Ranked in descending order, only one can claim the title of Supreme Overlord.

#5. THE CYCLOTRON BIKE – Cyclotron Cycles

You won’t see anything similar to this from another manufacturer on this planet.”


Tron called, they want their props back. But seriously, as far as we can tell this thing is actually real, and without question runs on a mixture of witchcraft and/or sorcery. This bike has no chain, the wheels have no spokes, the tires have no air, the 18-speed model has an electronic gear box.

Those hollowed out wheel spaces can be used as hold space, and the entirety of both rims light up. It also features a built-in lithium-ion battery, adjustable frame and the whole thing is made from lightweight Space Grade Carbon Fibre Composite. Suffice to say that this bike has 15 patents and looks like a genuine challenger in the next big innovation in cycle travel.

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