#1. The Grossi Gang – Claudio Ripalti

The true story of the Italian gang of outlaws Sergio Leone wanted to tell: men bound to change history.”


Iconic Director and Producer Sergio Leone is credited with the creation of the ‘spaghetti western’, although Claudio Ripalti insists the story he was trying to create hailed from his native land of Italy. The story of The Grossi Gang is one based on truth; a band of outlaws who terrorised central Italy in 1860 lead by Terenzio Grossi, seeking to revolt against the then newly formed Piedmont State.

The production values in the trailer look spectacular and the sweeping vistas and quality of the acting (not to mention the wardrobe) only add to the allure of the film. Surely a “Western à la Italiana” deserves an authentic rendition and everything about this production screams that.

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