Welcome to the forty-fifth instalment of our weekly series: The Kings of Kickstarter. From hot knives through butter to spaghetti westerns, our last Kings brought some serious crowdfunding design to the Roundtable. As per usual, NUBI has procured 5 Kings (and of course one jester) and presented them below.  Ranked in descending order, only one can claim the title of Supreme Overlord.

#5. The Say Their Name Campaign – Leslie Xia

A project to cover the streets of NYC and other major cities with stickers of the names of the lives lost to police brutality.”


Since the advent of social media, it’s been easier than ever to begin a movement online – especially something as emotionally charged as fighting police brutality. With the staying power of the #BlackLivesMatter and #SayTheirName online campaigns, Leslie Xia and her team of artists are looking to make sure a permanent and lasting impression remains offline at street level.

Through no choice of their own, these victims became martyrs, and their names must remind us of the desperate change needed in America.


#4. Custom Pop Culture Prints – Chop Shop

Custom design your own prints utilizing 1,000 icons of SciFi, Fantasy, Horror, Rock and Science!”


Chop Shop is the design house that brought us the historic robot spacecraft poster series a little while back and their love for all things sci-fi/fantasy has not wavered with time. Now they’re back crowdfunding their latest venture, the aiming to make all their previous iconic icons available to mix and match in any damn design format you please.

80’s robots on your t-shirt? You got it. Monty Python next to MJ? All it takes is a couple of clicks and you can have posters/t-shirts at the drop of a hat.

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