Welcome to the forty-seventh instalment of our weekly series: The Kings of Kickstarter. From flying landmine detectors to homegrown furniture, our last Kings brought some serious design to the Roundtable. As per usual, NUBI has procured 5 Kings (and of course one jester) and presented them below.  Ranked in descending order, only one can claim the title of Supreme Overlord.

#5. Time Flies: Levitating Nixie Clock – Tony Adams

Nixie tubes. Steampunk. Levitation.


We’ve had a sudden surge in levitating objects over the last few months, from miniature bonsai trees to whisky tumblers and phone chargers. Frankly, not all shit needs to be levitated but a nixie tube powered steampunk clock? Yeah, we can get behind that too.

What truly makes this remarkable is the way power to the display is delivered wirelessly from the base. Just make sure this isn’t your alarm clock: it’d be way to easy to turn off permanently.

#4.  Tracker Now – Joe Pantel

“Our mission is to make finding missing loved ones and valuables easy, fast & painless.”


Anything that can track your location walks a subtle line between useful and kinda scary, but if Tracker Now can do what it says it can do, then its applications could be endless and often lifesaving.

Tracking your kids seems a bit mental and the ‘geofencing’ sounds a lot like a prison ankle bracelet, but as with all technology there will always be undesirable applications. Hopefully the potential positive aspects will outweigh them in the end.

Feature Image by StuArtStudios

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