#3. Vulpine: Be a Fox with a Sword – Clockwork Giant Games

Vulpine is a charming open-world game where you survive as ridiculously well-armed animals.


Haven’t we all wanted to explore an expansive open-world game as a sword-wielding fox? No? Clockwork Giant Games created Vulpine for just that reason, and exploring the lush, geometrically pleasing environments inevitably gives way to a trail of vast monsters causing havoc in the Vulpine world.

Fox, wolf, bear or rabbit, play solo or team up with your animal squad to clear dungeons and lay the smackdown on giant foes, Animals of Farthing Wood style.

#2. Death’s Footsteps – Cardboard India

“Training to take his father’s place, Young Death accidentally snares a mortal girl & she is forced to become his bride.”


When Cardboard India set out creating Death’s Footsteps, she decided rather than Death walking amongst mortals, what if a mortal walked amongst Death? Spinning a fable in which a Young Death, eager to impress his Father accidentally draws a mortal woman back to their realm, everyone up to and including Grandma Death makes an appearance.

Illustrated by the talented Jill Colbert, this story pushes the reader to form their own interpretation of Death and his human bride’s quest.

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