#4.  The Meteorite Time Capsule Necklace – London Grey

“A way to combine a love for the wonders of space and science, a way to add a dash of good design principles, and instil a sense of mystery and curiosity.”


In the same way a locket has stood the test of time as a jewellery piece designed to hold something precious, so too will this stylishly designed necklace.  Comprised of a beautifully worked screw-top brass cylinder concealing a tiny cork stoppered glass vial, London Grey has made each piece available empty, or filled with meteorite.  Whilst there is an outside chance that in some cataclysmic set of circumstance it might grant you galactic powers (don’t hold us to that) there is something inspiring about keeping a piece of the Universe’s journeymen close to heart.  “A Terra Ad Astra”  or “The Earth To The Stars” is engraved around the top of the brass capsule, alongside some geometrical shapes on the base.  Hell even the accompanying packaging something special, with meteorite cards corresponding to your sample, typewritten and hand stamped with the date your meteor was stoppered; all in a black-wax sealed envelope.


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