#3.  RETRO’D 2: VIDEO GAMES & HIP HOP – Marcus D

“I wanted to combine my passion for hip-hop with my love for the soundtracks to the video games I grew up playing.”


Sometimes you hear part of an anime or video game soundtrack and just think “Yes, that could take a beat to it”.  This is one of our favourite exampleshowever producer Marcus D has actually acted upon his ear and done it.  Now he’s back for round 2 and looking for Kickstarter to take his project to completion.  The first Retro’d was a resounding success, featuring samples from classic game soundtracks like Zelda & Super Mario Bros.  Harking back to SNES era games and onwards, you’ll find samples you know from somewhere but just can’t place in 8,16 and 64-bit.  In Marcus’ own words, Retro’d 2 is an ode to the OGs of the trade: The underappreciated, humble, penniless (at the time) composers who put their heart and soul into soundtracks”.  He is right about one thing, not dissimilar to film, a great game can be made or broken by the soundtrack.  If you haven’t stared off into the distance, a single tear rolling down your cheek when you hear the main theme from Jade Empire, you’re probably dead inside.  On the real, whether you are a fan of gaming, hip-hop, or both these glorious institutes, Marcus D has your back with Retro’d 2.

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