#2.  Fracture: A True Story About Fracking – Noah Kossoff

Fracture, A True Story About Fracking follows a consultant working for a company named Hexxon and the decisions he must face every day as a result of his job.”


Remember that dream you had when David Cameron was distracting you by fucking a pig in your back garden whilst sneaking a fracking bill through parliament?  Pretty hard to forget, but it still feels like the true potential scope of the damage induced by fracking is an unknown.  Fracture: A True Story About Fracking is looking to address that with a short film by Director Lorenzo De Plano which in a nutshell is like Erin Brockovich but for the whole world.  The story involves a consultant working for a company named Hexxon and the daily decisions he must make and the implications they have.  With fracking well documented as having side effects to the tune of toxic fluid leaking into the ground and contaminating local water tables, it is a story of huge corporate gains, with local communities footing the bill.  The film has already been entered into a couple of film festivals (International Art Film Festival and Long Beach Film Festival) and the team behind it are looking to push the agenda further with the funding to enter more film festivals.

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