#1.  The XG4 – Matthew Arciuolo

“The XG4 is an ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber shoe insole designed to maximize speed, propulsion and agility.”


Jump higher?  Run faster?  Count us in.  We live in an age where doping and performance enhancing drugs are commonplace and we constantly try to push the boundaries of human ability.  The XG4 is a step in the right direction, an insole cut from carbon fibre that returns vastly more energy than what the market currently has to offer.  Weighing in at a minuscule 1 ounce, the concept is a simple on; recycling energy through the fundamental principles of both physics and biomechanics to focus it ground-wards.  This directed force allows for athletes to use that force to push of quicker, to leap higher to run faster.  It all sounds too good to be true right?  The difficulty is believing that something so simple could have such a profound effect.  Carbon fibre is constantly finding its way into our everyday products due to its sensational attributes, but this is by far one of the best applications we’ve seen to date.  Professional athletes wearing the XG4 include players from NFL heavy hitters like the Broncos, Seahawks, Cowboys, Giants and NBA monoliths from the Warriors, Cavaliers, Knicks and Heat.  The science is there, and you can bet your last pound these are finding their way into my 6-aside-boots.

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