#4.  Apex Camping Shelter – GO! Outfitters

“The Apex Camping Shelter is a versatile, high quality weather shelter that will protect you and your gear from rain, wind, sun, and even snow.”

crowdfundedTried camping in Germany once with just a tarp, nearly died.  Same holiday put a sleeping bag in a hammock, worked like a dream.  The combination of the two executed by someone who actually knows what they are doing?  Priceless.  GO! Outfitters already successfully crowdfunded their hammock, this is the other piece of the puzzle but both are available together for a £108, same price as a shit regular tent.  With 20 different tie out loops, the possible combinations for this are endless; from ‘Porch Mode’ to ‘Storm Mode’, it can transform to suit all your needs, unlike this guy. The tarp and accessories combined weigh in at just under 800 grams, making it highly portable along side being fully waterproof.  When combined with GO! Outfitters hammock, you have all you need to pitch and sleep in most conditions.

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