#3. Heirs of a Forgotten Time – Michel Bielecki

A journey about Japanese craftsmanship, where human uniqueness still surpasses modern machinery.”


Very little remains handmade in the modern age.  Granted, demand has exploded exponentially, but without question mass-manufactured items often lack the build quality and attention compared to handcrafted ones.  Citing Japan, Michel Bielecki has created his documentary Heirs of a Forgotten Time, in which he journeys across the country showcasing the finest handmade goods still to be found there.  From swords and knives to woodcraft and pottery, traditional handcrafted products and the techniques to create them are still manufactured and practiced by the same artisan families.  In a country in which tradition and history still reign supreme, these remaining practices – the last bastion of a dying craft – are trying to survive in a shrinking market.  

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