#3. Jackfish – Jackfish Survival

“Jackfish is designed for people that work, travel and explore. It is built for people who appreciate great design and quality.”


Multi-tools are often cheap, and frankly shit.  To focused around lightweight designs and ultra sleek plastic composition, the various tools rarely live up to their billing.  Before praising Jackfish for the quality and quantity of tools they’ve miniaturised, first the build quality has to be appreciated.  Still only a paltry 8.5mm thick, Jackfish can carry four credit cards in a spring-loaded system that alone took months to design before they packed in everything else.  A clever mix of everyday and survival tools, screwdrivers, a micro USB reader, a vial of iodine and a small but sharp folding knife make up not even half of the features the Jackfish has tucked away.  Available in either titanium for the ultimate in indestructibility or ‘hard anodised’ aluminium – if you don’t think your impending peril has reached titanium level yet – Jackfish has you covered in the unlikeliest of tight-spots.  Whether your lighting a signal fire or a late night zoot, a windproof four-second match will ever be at your disposal and who in their right mind isn’t going to use a telescopic pen at every possible juncture?

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