#2. New York Said: Volume Two – Amon Focus

“With shots from Brooklyn to Harlem, Amon has captured the city’s most intimate thoughts, strict warnings and unwarranted motherly advice and put them in a book.


New York Said: Volume 2 is Amon Focus’ second Kickstarter to feature New York’s secret voice and when he listened, he found there were pearls of wisdom aplenty whispered on walls and everything in-between.  Trawling the city with his third eye wide open, he photographs the sentience a city and it’s population can take on through unspoken words.  From sagely advice to prophetic predictions, the city is awash with literature scrawled across its concrete skin.  If ‘the city that doesn’t sleep’ ever stops its endless dialogue you can only imagine the gems “Birmingham Said” would throw out, just think of those notes scrawled on the back of pub toilet doors….Brooklyn to Harlem makes for far better subject matter I imagine, although if anyone finds anything worth sharing let us know!   Considering this is already funded a $10 early bird pledge can still net you one of the books, and if you’ve got a spare $500, Amon will show you round on a 4 hour photo walk tour out in NYC.

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