#1. Osiris & Co. Complete System

“Photographers rarely invest in an alternate way of carrying their camera, Osiris & Co. has promised to bring you a whole new system.”


Remember when people used to get jacked for their iPods on the bus because those white headphones gave rude boys radar for who to had the best products to juck and fence?  I often wonder why camera systems so glaringly advertise what you’re using and when filming with a DSLR, neck straps constantly get all up in your shit.  We’ve all at one time or another found ourselves leaning out over a pretty shifty precipice with a foot curled around a suspect tree trunk with your camera strap brazenly slung around your wrist.  Osiris & Co. are offering something different in the shape of a paracord wrist strap, capable of holding weight 40x that of a standard camera.  No matter how fast your quick draw is, with your camera slung around your neck or in a bag, you ain’t catching that hummingbird that just appeared but with a wrist held system your camera is in your hand.  It’s a simple idea and a simple product but take a moment to appreciate the effort of the Kickstarter campaign itself, the aesthetics and shot composition make this desirable let alone the fact that it’s a product we’d all use in a heartbeat anyway.

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