#2.  Crack The Code – Nandita Godbole

“If you are like so many food enthusiasts who remain utterly baffled with Indian food, help is at hand.


For once you build up the courage to try making your own Indian food, everything goes in according to a vague recipe, you cook that badger down and then serve.  And it tastes like shit, and you end up ordering anyway, having now paid for two curries and left with the bitter taste of failure in your mouth.  Then again that bitter taste could easily be the mistreatment of any one of the carelessly unbalanced spices you added at utterly the wrong time.  There is a deep methodology to this flavourful cuisine that we all love so much but through little fault of own is more oft than not inadequately explained.  Nandita Godbole, fresh off the success of her first Kickstarter cookbook A Dozen Ways To Celebrate has returned to the community with what is essentially a codex to unravel Indian cooking.  Crack The Code is the culmination of what the author has “gleaned from my grandfathers’ lessons in simple cooking techniques, lessons from mom, and about 30 years of my own experiences in the kitchen, both cooking and teaching.”  She came to the realisation that most spices & ingredients used in an Indian dish fall into one of six steps and this book is your guide.

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