#4.  Million Dollars, But… The Game – Rooster Teeth

What would you do for a million dollars?”


So you’re hanging back with some friends and invariably at some point of the evening’s discussion, someone asks an unanswerable question to the theme of “Would you bum your Dad for a mil?”. What Rooster Teeth have done is taken our strange fascination with these slightly macabre yet ridiculous wonderings and turned them into a card game. Genius.

Based on their hit-comedy series of the same name, the mind-bending scenarios are now firmly on your tabletop. Hey, family round for Christmas, why not get Grandma involved? Read out a Trigger Card – “Million Dollars BUT anytime you hear the phone ring…” – and see if she’s willing to obey her Rule Card – “the person to your right gives you a rectal exam” – for a cool milly.

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