#3. THE UNSEEN – Edward Thompson

“The Unseen is a photographic odyssey by photographer Edward Thompson into the deadstock medium of colour infrared film.”


Colour infrared film once served many a scientific purpose, 1,800 documented uses no less. From aerial photography to medical portraiture, these false colour images highlight the things we simply cannot observe with the natural eye.

Edward Thompson bagged himself the last known stocks of this filmic medium and had his pal chop them up to fit a regular size camera. With this done, he set off around the world, with not only the knowledge that these would be some of the last images processed in this manner, but also with the aim of paying homage to some of the original photographic styles it would have been used for.

His choices make for breathtaking viewing and the craft and thought of the photographer is inherent in the 276 pages of THE UNSEEN: An Atlas of Infrared Plates.

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