#2. Chuck Palahniuk’s Lullaby – Josh Leake

“We’re independent filmmakers in Portland, Oregon who are adapting the novel, Lullaby, from the mind of Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk.”


The jumping off point for Lullaby was during the trial of Fight Club author Chuck Palahniuk’s father’s murderer in 1999. When the prosecutor asked Chuck if he wanted to push for the death penalty, he got the idea that words could directly influence someone’s death. Exploring themes from ‘necrophilia to gender bending’, Lullaby tells the tale of the culling song; the power of the word to cast a spell.

Following the life of reporter Carl Streator whose family died under mysterious circumstances, his investigations into a series of infant deaths uncovers the ancient and deadly culling song published as a lullaby in a children’s book.

Unwilling to have creative control of such a personal and dark story wrestled from his hands, Chuck has teamed up with independent filmmakers Josh Leake and Andy Minto and put their trust in the Kickstarter community to turn this book into a feature film.

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