“CRISSCROSS is a range of reusable modular furniture designed for nomads. It’s quick to build, easy to take apart and doesn’t required any tools.”


Despite being able to make you JumpJump, turns out CrissCross can also drastically simplify your furniture needs. Anyone who has ever tried to assemble a piece of Ikea furniture will know that another realm exists where all those missing pieces go. How drunk you are when you attempt it doesn’t seem to make even a slight bit of difference.

But CrissCross is modular and it works like this: Take shit out of box. Easily fit shit together until it resembles the purpose you bought it for. Sounds like witchcraft right?

Nope. Just simple, sensible design with the fact in mind that people move around a lot and want to buy things once and be able to take them down and put them back up again. Furthermore for those of you who use Lego like Dr Frankenstein, why not combine sets? No one should tell you that affixing a desk atop a wardrobe is a bad idea.

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