Welcome to the thirty-eighth instalment of our weekly series: The Kings of Kickstarter. From the last of the infrared to a 3D printed Stradivarius, our last Kings stood tall, cleaving through the community wielding the sword of innovation as Arthur did Excalibur.As per usual, NUBI has procured 5 Kings (and of course one jester) and presented them below. Ranked in ascending order, only one can claim the title of Supreme Overlord.

#5. The Barisieur: Coffee & Tea Alarm Clock – Barisieur Ltd.

“A beautifully designed alarm clock in high-end materials, waking you with freshly brewed coffee or tea.


Everyone’s nan had a Teasmade at some point; we just weren’t old enough to understand just what a treasure it was and they were ugly as hell. Fast-forward and now the daily battle to remove yourself from the warm embrace of bed is only made easier by that first coffee of the day. Barisieur is a beautifully assembled bedside alarm clock that brews that first pick-me-up as you realise you’re already late for work.

Looking a little like Gale’s coffee apparatus from Breaking Bad, the team behind this had to custom build the induction plate to achieve a fast boil and match safety regulations. Capable of making both loose leaf tea and coffee, it is even complete with a refrigerated milk section. Win.

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