#4. panAFRICAproject – Lou Jones

“A photographic portrait true to the multi-faceted identity of Africa, as one continent and also as 54 individual countries.”


Western media almost exclusively presents the countries that make up Africa as poverty stricken, war torn and famished. We have become so acclimatised to the poverty porn that is forced down our throat daily that only the continent’s issues are showcased, never its triumphs. Lou Jones is calling time on this skewed perception, and is travelling the length and breadth of Africa, immortalising the true nature of the 54 countries and the people that reside within them.

Described as “a compendium/almanac of photography to illustrate unbiased, day-to-day life” PanAfrica focuses on the individual cultures spread across Africa. It’s time to shed the false images propagated by the mainstream media and see these countries in all their glory.

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