#3. Trainerbot: Smart Ping Pong Robot – Trainerbot

“Trainerbot is the world’s first smart ping pong robot that can play with you anytime, anywhere.”


Table tennis, the game of champions. Before beer-pong was even conceived, table tennis has been settling disputes since it’s inception. But there is always that one friend, who every time you face, you think “this is it, i’ve got this sucker on the ropes” then all of a sudden they’ve put five clean serves past you like it was nothing. Trainerbot is the answer to all your TT related conundrums, this little bastard is the ultimate training aid, better than Forest Gumps’.

Whether you programme that specific shot you always fall foul to, hone your general skill, or just want a game when no-one is around, you can have it all via the all-in-one app. Once you’ve reached the next level, be sure to coin yourself a sweet name for your new style – I went with Double Dragon – to strike fear into your enemies.

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