#2. Islands of Nyne: Battle Royale – Define Human Studios

100 players drop in. Only 1 Survives. An online, competitive first person shooter with a focus on last-man-standing gameplay.”


Let’s deal with the elephant in the room – Call of Duty has been fucking boring since Modern Warfare 2. Granted Battlefield is fairing slightly better but what modern FPS games are missing out on, Islands of Nyne makes up for in droves. A Battle Royale/Hunger Games style setup sees 100 online players enter a giant map and the one left standing wins.

The story goes that the battles are the play thing of some mysterious alien overlords and boasting multiple game modes and scenarios it’ll be a hell of a show for them. Combining FPS with the popular scavenging mechanics in recent games, players must find everything they need to survive. Depending on the scenario that may be AK47’s or medieval longswords but the rule remains the same – survive at all costs.

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