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To the surprise of everyone, Snoop Dogg/Lion/God-Knows has released his own premium brand of marijuana Leafs By Snoop, that went on sale just yesterday in LivWell Colorado medical and recreational dispensaries. (…I am guessing he was just too eager to wait until the 20th of April). It comes in eight (probably) delectable different types, which are grouped into different strains. Bananas, Cali Kush, Purple Bush and Northern Lights are indica dominate, which means they will be very relaxing and strengthening to the mind and body. On the other hand, Lemon Pie, Blueberry Dream and Tangerine Man are sativa dominate, which means they will provide a more elevated and exhilarating feeling. And there’s 3D CBD, which contains a high strain of CBD. The Leafs By Snoop will also offer Fairtrade chocolate activated with cannabis oil.

Picture: Daily Mail

The Snoop Dogg brand has become highly-acclaimed in the hip-hop industry, and after his notorious usage of pot on his social media (there are some whack images on his Instagram, let me tell you), it almost goes without saying that his new products will do well. There’s always going to be some nagging tyrant who will say how pot is a bad influence on our youth in terms of health and culture, but you know what? There aren’t many celebrities like him. He draws in many a demographic, and he is the definition of free-expression. Even if you remove yourself from the pot thing, he has started a business revolving around something that he feels passionate about. He found a niche in the market and he worked with it. Isn’t that the dream for a lot of people?

Putting the marijuana brand back into the pot (I can hear the awkward laughter), along with a lot of people I believe that traditional smoking should be presented in far worse a light than marijuana. I know why that isn’t the case over here in the UK (*cough* the Conservatives are greedy and are maintaining their anti-drugs policy *cough*), but hey: Snoop could be creating and endorsing worse things. In the meantime, we can celebrate his entrepreneurial skills. And the people who have legal and geographical access to Leafs By Snoop can celebrate on a high.

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