Lego are leading the way within the toy world when it comes to answering the call for more diverse and inclusive mini figures in their range by introducing a Lego mini figure in a wheelchair.

An online petition spearheaded by Toy Like Me, a campaign group who appeal to toymakers everywhere to ‘include disability in the toybox’, specifically targeted the brick-based brand asking them to consider including a wheelchair user in their extensive collection of minifigures.

Please make this the last Christmas disabled kids are culturally excluded from your much-loved products. Think outside the brick box. Mix it up a bit! Add some brawn, stamina, a few sweat bands, couple of half pipes and some lightning fast wheelchairs.

Some images from the Nuremberg Toy Fair have displayed the Lego minifigure complete with wheelchair and awesome-looking helper dog, which the company hope will help children with disabilities to feel more integrated during playtime.

Lego have spoken out before, saying that their product allows children to create their own worlds and stories which is why they hadn’t yet incorporated minifigures with specific disabilities, but after over 20,000 people supported the #ToyLikeMe campaign, it looks as though Lego have made moves to incorporate the 150 million children with disabilities worldwide.

Lego are renowned for putting smiles on the faces of children across the globe, and the inclusion of this new figure will no doubt extend those smiles to even more people – the parents behind the campaign included. Some might ask what took them so long, but for once let’s not criticise what is, ultimately, a fantastic gesture and decision.

Hopefully, seeing a brand as influential as Lego progressing and diversifying their products in this way will encourage other toy brands to follow suit, eventually resulting in new and wider-ranging toys for all children, no matter their ability or situation.

Lego minifigure

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