Good news for professional doomsayers this week as CERN has turned the Large Hadron Collider back on after 2 years of maintenance. The gargantuan particle collider will now be able to send molecules hurtling at each other at face melting velocities close to the speed of light around its 27km circumference.

Some readers might remember the LHC as one of the key suspects during the 2012 apocalypse hysteria, with some believing that it would create a world destroying black hole. As we are still here it’s safe to assume that either we survived and everything’s fine or that we all died and this is Hell.

However, despite the pronouncements of paranoid History Channel ‘experts’ the LHC has so far provided a lot of scientific breakthroughs about the beginning of life rather than ending it. Theoretical particle the Higgs Boson – also known as “the God Particle” – was proven real after 48 years of being hypothetical, and scientists will be poring over reams of data for years to come looking for the secrets of the universe, and now we can get that data at ludicrous speed, with CERN aiming to bring the machine up to a rate of 1 billion collisions per second!

If you’re mad for molecules and potty for particle physics then get hyped, because we are set for more potential game changing breakthroughs, and if you’re worried about Man’s dalliance with the fundamental forces of nature bringing about the end of civilisation, take heart that you won’t see the end coming and it’ll be over before you know it!

Hungry for more Tales of Scientific Doom? Why not relive the day we almost got hit by an asteroid (and will again)? Or perhaps you want to get some research in before the apocalypse, in which case check out our article on Post-Apocalyptic Road Movies!

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