Lonely Planet is a cosmetics company which creates a plethora of different shades of liquid lipsticks, ranging from the deepest berry hues all the way to vibrant hot pink!

Inspired by Rock and Roll and the streets of New York, Lonely Planet boasts an impressive collection of different shades of vegan and cruelty-free liquid lipsticks. A start-up company founded in December 2014, these handmade products contain only a handful of ingredients (including enriching coconut oil), and have racked up an impressive 10k following on Instagram already! The hype is truly building around these liquid lipsticks, and we were lucky enough to be sent 8 shades from the collection, so we put them to the test!

Rock ‘n’ Roll inspired cosmetics for Lonely Planet Girls world-wide! ♥

Lonely Planet

First Impressions

The packaging screams 80’s rock and roll and disco; the glitz and glamour of the gold lid matched with the colour of the product makes the whole thing look clean and high-end – simple and elegant. The applicator brush is the standard sort you would find on a liquid lipstick, with a soft round-ended tip which can hold a lot of product.

After swatching one on my arm I was stunned with the pigmentation! After just 2 swipes the product was full of colour and felt rich and creamy without being too wet. They all had a slightly different consistency (ranging from slightly thicker or thinner), which could be down to the fact they contain different ingredients for the colours or is just part of the handmade charm. Either way it didn’t affect the quality of the products.

“100% handcrafted and poured by hand with LUV! No two batches are the same, but strive for quality, accuracy and consistency!”

Lonely Planet


From the get go I had my favourites as well as ones I was dying to try out! I’m a nude lip girl myself, so naturally I gravitated towards ’Concrete Jungle’, but trying on colours such as ‘Baby Baby’ and ‘Tie Me Up’ were going to be fun. Over the course of a few weeks I got around to wearing and trying them all out.

All shades had amazing, velvety-smooth application, although I did struggle when lining the outer of my lips with this product with the darker shades– however it was nothing that couldn’t be fixed with the help of a lip liner brush! After a few swipes along the lips, I was ready for the day. The product does dry quite quickly, however it remains slightly tacky and transferable for a while, so give it ample time (15 minutes) to fully dry before you start eating…but then again who applies makeup before they eat!?

These lipsticks felt lovely on the lips, products such as the La Girl or Nyx liquid lipsticks tend to remain slightly tacky and sticky during the duration of the wear, but this is not the case with Lonely Planet liquid lipsticks. Matte and soft to the touch, it really didn’t feel like I was wearing anything at all on my lips at times.

One downside to these liquid lipsticks is that the ones with pink tones stain very easily, so be weary if you like to over line your lips with this product. The stain usually wears off after a day though so nothing major to worry about. After wearing these for long periods of time I was pleasantly surprised with the wear of these products – they would remain intact before eating and nothing noticeable would happen whilst taking a drink; all that was needed was a top up after lunch (which is standard practice anyway). Removing the product wasn’t the easiest, though nor was it particularly hard. I just had to apply slightly more pressure when taking it off, nothing I didn’t expect with a product with such amazing lasting wear.


The colours we received were mostly gorgeous autumnal hues with a hot pink thrown in, as well as a brown I was eager to try!

Solo In Soho

Oh how I wish I could rock this shade in Soho. This is a lustrous red that is a must have accessory to an LBD.

Concrete Jungle

This light nude shade has a slight peachy undertone, differing this from other nude shades available and not washing you out.

Baby Baby

Oh. My. Gosh. This colour is electric! Never have I seen a hot pink truer to its colour. A stunning shade that is perfect for a night of cocktails.

Tie Me Up

The perfect purple for autumn, Lonely Planet has achieved what many beauty brands fail to do: the perfect berry lip! The deep crushed berry colour has become a signature wear of mine and is now my go to berry!


A shade I was extremely happy to see, it is rare to see darker nude colours but Lonely Planet has delivered! This dark brown nude shade is a gorgeous one, and is just one of a few brown shades on offer!


Another berry shade, this one contains more pinky hues than purple. A gentler berry shade if you don’t want a deep purple like Tie Me Up.

Brick City

If any of the shades surprised me the most, it was this one. My new favourite berry shade replacement, Brick City takes on the shade of the old school warehouses of New York – a brown shade with red and orange undertones. This shade looks daring, but you will love how it looks!


This shade was the office favourite, it looked amazing on all skin tones and is almost like a ‘better than natural’ shade of deep rose pink. It’s a really stunning everyday colour and one that was fought over!

Lonely Planet

Final Words

Something I loved doing was mixing the colours to create new unique shades to me, ‘Concrete Jungle’ mixed with a little bit of ‘Baby Baby’ creates a stunning deep mauve pink colour. As well as this, mixing while on your lip to create a 2 tone lip look is again very achievable and easy with these products. Start off with a darker tone on the outside and fill with a lighter for a luscious gradient effect with will actually make your lips look fuller.

Lonely Planet is a beauty brand to watch. Already releasing new shades at an impressive rate, they are rapidly becoming a staple in girls’ makeup bags worldwide!

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Lonely Planet

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