With Avengers age of Ultron out with a BANG! it almost feels like everyone it’s getting pumped with for their annual super hero booster. Marvel’s recent series Daredevil is going down well as a whole with viewers, Marvel is one big fan base.

Ever wanted to play as your favourite superheroes? Marvel is no stranger in the game industry with their wide variety of both good and bad games allowing fans to blow up sentinels or web sling round a rhino or lizard. Marvel Ultimate Alliance (1 and 2), X-men legends (1 and 2) along with Marvel nemesis relished in creating your own teams and co-op play to take down your foes. Many hours I have wasted with the ability to shield bash some Doombots as Cap and then turn them into boxes with the sorcerer supreme.

Marvel Heroes 2015 is the next generation of this. Starting off as a beta in June 2013 the game has evolved in leaps and bounds. Starting off at a 59/100 on metacritic the game now has a rating of 81/100. From the creators of Diablo 3 the game focuses on gearing characters and farming quests with other players.

Its diverse range of characters has something for everyone. You can go from playing your hulks and iron mans to the more obscure squirrel girl and x-23 (at the cost of eternity splinters). From physical to ranged, energy to mental builds are diverse with their something for everyone. With the ability of passives from Omega points, powerful upgrades from such as unique gear, blessings and legendary items you can make your hero your own.


As a new player to the game you’ll find yourself playing through a basic story plotline taking you a variety of locations such as hell’s kitchen, savage land and Asgard itself. This is pretty much a go through the level, take out enemies and defeat the boss with various side quests along the way. It is once you reach the end game and max out your first hero that variety and fun begins. With the challenges tab there are rounds called Holo-sim and X-defense which is a quick pace protect and destroy with the further rounds you get into the bigger the rewards. Midtown and Industry City Patrol are group based maps with constant boss fights and a strong place for farming, especially for Mondays when they’re exclusive rewards. The big one though is raids. Some of the toughest sectors of the game this mode requires strong levelled gear, precise teamwork and skill in order to defeat Surtur and Onslaught. With a constant rotation of weekly server-side events alongside that and daily missions there’s always something for the player to hunt down.

5 of the current 46 available characters to play.

It’s completely free to play also. Characters, upgrades, maps and events are all playable with no costs (bar costumes that are purely for aesthetic customisation). There is an argument that you can’t get the best out of the game with in store boost purchases but personally I disagree with item drops being purely random and boosts often being available through logins and pass codes.

Marvel heroes is set to keep improving its gameplay with constant feedback from players through the forums being acted upon and took into account. There’s not many forums I’ve seen with such dedication and response from the staff to its community. I myself hope they can reduce lag and CPU usage that is often brought to the game even with computers with reasonably good specs and in time hope they can improve the graphics of older characters to match the stunning quality of the current ones being released.

If you wish to download and play Marvel heroes you can by visiting here:


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