“Me vs Me was a concept developed from personal experience. It was not too long before I figured that things happen for a reason, recognising that sometimes we, as humans, can be our own biggest enemy. It’s all about being the best possible version of yourself that you can possibly be, taking yourself to new heights. Realising that I am in control and can make things happen.”


About a year back, I was on the phone with MoD, talking through everything with him, what he’s done thus far, and his plans for the coming years. That’s when (after a little prying) he told me about his upcoming collaboration with the legend that is Fatman Scoop. He told me the title of the track, Hip Hop’s Back, and I heard a 10 second snippet of the beat…that’s all I needed to hear. He later dropped 2 tracks in my inbox, Dreaming On and Miss America. That funky soulful sound was confirmation that Birmingham’s Golden Boy of Hip Hop was everything we thought he was: his vision was clear, his work ethic unprecedented.

The first time we actually came across MoD was back in December of 2013. After scrolling through countless (dead) ‘new music’ submissions, he submitted his Say Less and Do More EP project to us. The artwork was immediately eye-catching and despite not knowing the man, I found myself head-bopping my way through the project. He made quite the statement, opening up the project with what we would call the anthem: Where My People At?


“I’ve matured a lot since [Say Less & Do More].  I’ve played a lot more shows, so I’ve been able to see how crowds react, giving me an indication as to what works and what doesn’t” speaking on his progression up to now since the last project. “With this [upcoming] project I have tried to keep it all in house, working with only 2 producers. With SLDM I worked with a wide range of different producers, meaning I was unable to clearly define my sound, as I wanted to. “

We later crossed paths in the early summer of 2014, at the ‘Not Another Love Song’ Elektric EP Launch back at the Yardbird. He had the people dancing and vibing to his anthem performed with a live band, as he always tries to do, before Elektric took the stage.

One thing MoD has managed to do well is stay in his own lane. Never to say anyone should be against collaboration, of course not, but to focus on YOUR development more so than chasing short-lived buzz with others in a city, that’s an art form in itself. A mentality to keep you distant enough to stand strongly and definitively alone yet able to reach out when the times are right, one that MoD is fast on his way to mastering.

That’s not to say he hasn’t got some exciting work with others on his upcoming project, Me vs Me.

“On the project we have Knox Brown, who in my opinion is Britain’s finest, the dude is on another planet! I also worked with Joel Johnson for Hip Hop’s Back…”

talking on those involved in the project’s production.

“…which features Fatman Scoop. I’m also collaborating with an incredible singer named Kiko Bun with a few more names I can’t mention just yet.”

For months after that summer of 2014, we watched MoD as he consistently grew his fan base, performing at shows across the country, steadily getting bigger and bigger opportunities. After multiple appearances on major UK media channels, Charlie Sloth, GRM Daily and an interview on BBC WM Introducing, the Man of the Dream was fortunate to have supported the likes of Kelis in Birmingham, Tinie Tempah in Zante and even perform at Glastonbury Festival 2015.

“I would have to say playing at Glastonbury 2015 was definitely a career highlight for me so far, as its something that not every rapper, especially from Birmingham, gets to do. It was an honour to be there.”

The upcoming project, Me vs Me, has been long waited on by eager listeners as well as the rapper himself. Working through his busy schedule, MoD has been travelling up and down the country to get it done.

“I recorded some of the project at Knox Brown’s studio in Birmingham and some at Cabin Studios in South West London. The writing process has been very fun and organic. I always try to have fun when writing, making it as real and relatable as possible.”


The prodigy is looking forward ‘leaving his stamp’ on the game but most of all, seeing the people’s reaction to the music.  

“When creating, there’s an element of not knowing how people are going to react, it’s a thrill, exciting to know I get to share my passions, yet nerve racking at the same time.”

Watch MoD’s Hip Hop’s Back Featuring Fatman Scoop above.

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