Feeling low on energy today? Has Monday stripped you of your wings? Then let this week’s Red Bull Culture Clash themed Monday MixTape make everything a little bit better! #MMT

This week’s Monday MixTape is something a bit different: a special Red Bull Culture Clash edition of your favourite remedy to those Monday mood swings. With the first Culture Clash heats just over a week away, I have taken up the challenge of helping everyone get up-to-date on the battling sound systems for the Manchester heat on March 10th.

Red Bull Culture Clash

Four of the tracks on this week’s MixTape are competing in the March 10th Manchester heat, and the last pick is a little surprise (and one of my favourite party tracks ever).  So here goes nothing! Without further ado, I give you the Red Bull Culture Clash Monday MixTape.

#1 – Voodoo Ray

Artist: A Guy Called Gerald
Album: Hot Lemonade
Release: 1988
Did you know: When originally released, the record label Rahm! pressed 500 copies and they all sold out in one day…nuts, huh?

A prominent early acid house track from the UK, it’s featured heavily in documentaries and video games including Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and 24 Hour Party People.

#2 – Shine Eye Gal (remix)

Artist: Dub Smugglers
Album: Vibes For The People
Release: 2013
Did you know: This song is originally sampled from a group called Black Uhuru, whose album this song featured on – Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner. This is a reference to 1967 Sidney Poitier film of the same name that was remade in 2005 as Guess Who with Aston Kucher and Bernie Mac (R.I.P)

A great and simple remix of a classic reggae song, this is an example of the roots of sound system perfectly blended with new skool vibes.

#3 – LVL 07

Artist: LVLZ
Album: N/A
Release: 2014
Did you know: LVLZ go far beyond simply being a group of musicians; they are a collective combining music, fashion, art and film

A high-intensity track this is sure to be a hard hitter in the clash, and the flows thrown down here…serious tings right there…

#4 – Darka

Artist: MC Trigga
Album: N/A
Release: 2008
Did you know: Trigga managed to secure his first club residency before he was even legally allowed in clubs after being discovered on pirate radio…makes you feel really lame about all the times you couldn’t get into the club, doesn’t it?

A classic UK grime track, we all know the lines “a likkle darka” and “inna de corna”. I really want to hear this one at the sound clash.

#5 – Feelings

Artist: Shy FX
Album: Diary Of A Digital Soundboy
Release: 2005
Did you know?: In case you’re wondering why Shy is in this list, he was part of the line-up of the last Red Bull Culture Clash winning sound system Rebel Sound, along with Chase and Status, David Rodigan and MC Rage

A classic D’nB track and one of my personal favourites ever. I’m yet to see this played live and I would like to think that, when it went down at the last Culture Clash, it would have completely blown the roof off!

So there you have it: a little preview of what we’ve got to look forward to with this year’s Manchester Red Bull Culture Clash (and a little throwback to one of the previous winner’s biggest tunes). Enjoy the rest of your Monday, and we’ll see you again next week! #MMT

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