Monday mornings are never good. But when you wake up to sunny skies and warmer weather, it takes some of the strain away. For the remaining strain? You need a Monday MixTape! #MMT

It’s been a long time coming, but it finally looks like Spring is on the horizon. The mornings are lighter, daffodils are poking through the little patches of grass around the city, and it’s Easter in, like, three weeks (WTF?!). It’s here guys, it’s Spring. And we are very, very excited!

As much as we love Christmas here at NUBI, Winter sucks. January sucks. February doesn’t suck as bad, but it still sucks. So the arrival of March is making us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, because let’s be honest: everyone is happier when the sun shines, right? And to welcome in the new season with the positivity and optimism it deserves, this week’s playlist is full of fresh and classic tunes to make you feel as hopeful about the new season as we do. ‘Happy Meadow’ scented candle, anyone?

#1 – The Sound

Artist: The 1975
Album: I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It
Release: 2016
Did you know: The 1975’s frontman, Matthew Healy, is the son of Denise Welch and Tim Healy (the cross-dresser guy from Benidorm, FYI).

I really, really like this band. Ignoring the stupidly long album title, they’ve got a great mix of indie-alt-synth-pop that I think works so well. Pure pop thrills like you’ve never heard them before, this is the kind of song you play on full blast in the car with the windows down on a clear spring day… Just me? K, never mind. Great tune.

#2 – White Tiger

Artist: Izzy Bizu
Album: A Moment of Madness (to be released 17th June 2016)
Release: 2015
Did you know: Her real name is actually Isobel Beardshaw… You didn’t think that was her real name, did you?!

We featured Izzy on our Music Predictions for 2016 list at the start of the year, and though she’s yet to break past a BBC Radio 1 audience, we still have high hopes for this girl this year. A little jazzy, a little poppy, and a whole lotta fresh, she’s got a cool, summery sound. She’s a little like a cheerier version of Birdy, and we could all do with a cheery bird in our lives from time to time…

#3 – A Long Walk

Artist: Jill Scott
Album: Who is Jill Scott? (Words and Sounds Vol. 1)
Release: 2001
Did you know: Before breaking into the music industry, Jill Scott worked at a construction site and in an ice-cream parlour. Strong, and cool…

It might be Spring, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be super smooth. If you like your music with a message (cheers Alessia Cara), Jill Scott is your girl. You can just feel the days getting longer in this song, and if you want more, India Arie’s ‘Video’ was a VERY close second to this spot on the list. Enjoy them both!

#4 – The Day We Caught The Train

Artist: Ocean Colour Scene
Album: Mosley Shoals
Release: 1996
Did you know: Yep, you read that album title right! Ocean Colour Scene were a 90’s Britpop band from Birmingham, and named their debut album after the area in the city.

If there was ever a song that epitomised Spring in the UK in the 90s, this is it. Unfortunately, I was only four years old at the time that this was released, so I couldn’t really appreciate it for its undeniable awesomeness back then. But if like me you feel you were born in the wrong decade, then sing this one loud and proud! “Ooooohhhhh laa laa!”

#5 – Here Comes the Sun

Artist: The Beatles
Album: Abbey Road
Release: 1969
Did you know: George Harrison wrote this song at Eric Clapton’s house, whilst bunking off from a Beatles meeting.

The ultimate song to end this playlist, Here Comes the Sun was actually said to be written about the arrival of Spring. A Beatles’ classic and perfect in every way (apart from that harsh panning in the mix!), breathe a big sigh of satisfaction at the thought of Spring being right around the corner…

Not a bad start to the week eh! And despite the fact it’s still only, errr, -2 degrees outside, I for one am very hopeful for the new season. Good things are to come, and good songs are here to soundtrack them!

‘Til next week! #MMT

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