It’s Eurovision this week, and that means one thing: an endless onslaught of generic Euro-pop while Graham Norton chats over it all. Fortunately, European music has a lot more to offer.

For this Monday Mixtape we’ve scoured the internet and abused Google Translate to bring you 4 tracks by European rappers that you’ll never see within 500 feet of an international pop contest…

#1 – Normal

Artist: Guizmo
Album: Normal
Release: 2011
Country: France
Did you know: Guizmo’s rap career got started as part of Parisian hip-hop collective L’Entourage, which he joined while on a prison rehabilitation programme in 2008.

#2 – Jeder Meiner Freunde

Artist: Bushido
Album: Sonny Black
Release: 2014
Country: Germany
Did you know: Bushido is Germany’s most controversial rapper, racking up allegations of misogyny, homophobia and even ties to organised crime.

#3 – Omgekeerde Wereld

Artist: Fresku
Album: Omgekeerde Wereld
Release: 2013
Country: Netherlands
Did you know: Influenced by his Curaçao heritage, Fresku’s rap name is the Papiamento word for “brutal”.

#4 – Sistem te laze

Artist: Beogradski Sindikat
Album: Trade Union Spring (upcoming release)
Release: 2016
Country: Serbia
Did you know: Beogradski Sindikat’s 2002 release BSSST…Tišinčina! kicked off the second wave of Serbian hip-hop after releases trickled to a halt during the Kosovo War.

Thanks to this list, no longer will you have to get weirdly invested in Britain’s painfully pedestrian double act because it’s marginally less shit than last Eurovision’s Caravan Palace rip-off (at least it’s not fucking Jedward, Ireland!).

In fact, next time you hear the earsplitting sound of another disposable pop icon or the familiar score of “nil points”? Just put your headphones on and listen to some badass rapping in a language you don’t understand instead.

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