To some, the 4chan founder has done the unthinkable. Google‘s quest for world domination advanced even further on Tuesday when moot (aka Christopher Poole) announced on his own blog he would start working for them.

So, why does this come as such a shock? Well, since 4chan began in 2003, ‘mootykins’ has championed the causes of true anonymity and kept the site free from outside control. Many are confused as to why he would join forces with the company that has the most data on us and wants to insinuate itself into our personal lives via Google+. Has moot been brainwashed by Google mind-sorcery as his posting style suggests?

moot“I can’t wait to work for this amazing company of my own free will.”

It’d be easy to criticise moot for seemingly forsaking the anti-corporate, anti-censorship, anti-big data values of his baby to work for “the establishment”, but despite the huge influence 4chan has had on internet culture through rickrolling, Anonymous and meme culture, it turns out a site where nobody buys anything and the only advertiser is J-List isn’t such a big moneymaker.

moot has also presided over two failed startups – Canvas and DrawQuest – both of which closed down in 2014. He admitted that while those services had a tremendous amount of users and investment, he couldn’t translate them into a profit-making business.

So while the internet will moan that a spokesman for anonymity and god of internet culture has sold out and joined the likes of Boston Dynamics and Youtube as part of the Google empire, you should remember that he still has to exist in the real world which requires money – and 4chan just isn’t paying the bills. Be honest with yourself: if Google offered you a job you’d take them up on the offer too.

At least he isn’t working for Facebook

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