Moschino Barbie
Photographer Paul Jordan Stylist Mary Jordan

2015 is swiftly becoming the year when kids could play with whatever they wanted without the pressure of adhering to gender roles. Barbie has recently become the next brand to play a part in de-stigmatising boys playing with dolls, and it’s awesome!

Putting aside the fact that the Barbie/Moschino collaboration in itself is amazing, the addition of the first ever little boy to be featured in a Barbie advertisement speaks volumes about the attitudes of new age parents and the 21st century way of thinking.

The little boy embraces his role as a mini Jeremy Scott (Moschino designer) and actually gets me excited for this limited edition Barbie, describing her as fierce and even treating viewers to a cheeky wink at the end – too cute! Although just a parody of a Barbie advert to market the Moschino collaboration, it still connotes a strong message about gender fluidity.

Newsflash: lads like playing with dolls too, and not just wrestlers or action men. So can we stop with all this silly selective toy making please? Or better yet, just let kids be kids and play with whatever they want and encourage them to be their true selves, rather than forcing them into a box that society has moulded for them.

Although charming, charismatic, and sassy as hell, this male Barbie ad star will have a hard time trying to get his parents to buy this particular Barbie (with prices starting at $150!).

“It’s all about self-expression, fashion, imagination and storytelling.” – Mattel

This is just one example of gender fluidity that we’ve seen this year. Father of one Paul Henson didn’t deflect his son Caiden’s request to be Elsa for Halloween, but instead took him shopping for his Disney Princess costume and also agreed to be Elsa’s younger sister, Anna! This guy needs a dad of the year award, and more people need to allow their children to play and imagine as they desire – the gender stereotypes are ours, not theirs.

Barbies have always been under scrutiny for countless things, from unrealistic body images to the stereotypical gendered careers Barbie seems to have. But this year, it is so refreshing to see such an influential brand breaking the mould – hopefully others will soon follow suit!

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