Forget everything you thought you knew about travel. Abandon the notion of booking holidays marketed as ‘out of this world’. Do not be lured in by the premise that Miami and the Maldives are exotic holiday destinations.

Miami and the Maldives are not exotic holiday destinations.

If you want a truly extraordinary vacation, look no further because NASA has just released a series of posters advertising holidays to genuine space destinations.


The number one destination for all those holidaymakers who want to relax and enjoy the scenery without the worry of impending death should their oxygen tank run out. Earth is the only destination that offers visitors 100% free and unlimited air*.

*For a limited time only, subject to altitude and pollution.



A hugely popular destination for short breaks. Since 1965, avid explorers have been travelling to Mars to have a crack at climbing Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system, and some visitors like it so much that they’ve even tried to colonise it.



You don’t have to worry about getting bored when you take a trip to Jupiter; the planet is huge and a day lasts just under 10 hours here. You’ll be lucky to get through all those awesome gas filled activities you’ve got planned in just one day.

Don’t forget to hop on a hot air balloon tour to get a great view of Jupiter’s unique cloud formations.



Sister planet to Earth, and named after the goddess of beauty and love, Venus is perfect for a girly holiday. As the hottest planet in the solar system, and with no seasonal temperature variation, on Venus it’s summer all year round! Days on Venus are luxuriously long, so you’ll have plenty of time to shave your legs and perform synchronised song and dance routines before a night out.



Just a short detour from the planet Saturn is Titan, the solar system’s second largest moon. Why not take a boat ride across one of its liquid methane lakes? The finest of these lakes is the 150 mile long Ontario Lacus, located in the southern hemisphere of the giant moon.


PSO J318.5-22

New York may be the city that never sleeps but it’s got nothing on PSO J318.5-22. Like all good party destinations it has a name you can’t pronounce, and with no pesky dawns to interrupt your groove you can keep on dancing til the sun comes up (but it never does so you can just keep on partying indefinitely).

All bookings come with a ‘No last orders’ guarantee.



If you’re after a killer suntan, Kepler-16b is the planet for you. With two suns it’d be hard luck not to find a great sunbathing spot… but don’t forget the sunscreen!



Not to be mistaken with the Earth-based continent of Europe, Europa’s icy cool crust makes it perfect for winter sports all year round. Mini breaks are the best option when visiting this moon; radiation here can cause severe illness and death in less than a day.



Why not sign up to the ‘Enceladus and Enchiladas’ tour?  Like a huge, round, ice-covered microwave, This planet is heated from the inside out. Take along some tasty Mexican snacks and if you get them close enough to the core you’ll be tucking into a warm and spicy wrap in no time!


The Grand Tour

Why not do the whole shebang and visit all these amazing intergalactic locations? It truly is the holiday of a lifetime (…or maybe two or three depending on your life expectancy).

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Now is probably a suitable time to admit that the tours and exhibitions advertised in these posters aren’t actually real (sorry). The poster collection above, entitled ‘Visions of the Future’, is in fact a collection of prints that depict both famous planets and newly discovered locations in a vintage travel poster style.

So the holidays may not be real but according to NASA ‘imagination is our window to the future’. Essentially NASA have dangled a metaphorical space travel shaped carrot in front of our faces, only to reveal that the only mode of transport suitable to get us to these far away galactic wonderlands is our own imagination.

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