What was once a euphemism-for-sex-meme has now become reality: a ‘Netflix and Chill Room’ has been opened in Manhattan. The BnB room came to life through a listing on Airbnb, and is only available on Saturday nights to preserve the experience exclusively for couples.


The room contains a minibar stocked with booze, an overhead projector, Netflix-branded sheets and pillowcases, and, of course, a laptop with Netflix.


This story reads like one of those silly, almost-unbelievable internet myths that pops up on Reddit and the 6 pages you liked when you were 12 that flood your newsfeed with spam and click bait articles, but the owner is serious! The room costs a whopping $400 per night, or just under £290.

To put that into perspective, that could buy you 48 months (!!!) of Netflix on the cheapest package available.


There’s definitely no denying how cool this idea actually is; it brings a silly internet joke to life in a way that is so simple and stupid that it’s brilliant. Of course, you could probably set up the exact same thing with £40 and a laptop in your own bedroom – but where’s the fun in that?

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