As part of our EGX 2015 experience, we were invited to a special behind-the-scenes screening of previously unseen gameplay footage for the new Hitman video game. Due for release in March 2016 (if it avoids further delays), the game looks to expand on the extremely popular and successful Hitman: Absolution.

The behind-the-scenes talk first covered aspects of the game’s artwork and architecture, discussing the level of research and intricate detail that has been poured into the level design of the upcoming release. Of course, video games are very much an art form in their own right – especially in this modern era of hyper-realistic graphics – so taking a moment to enjoy the minutiae of IO Interactive’s work was humbling. Upon seeing the intricate texturing and smallest of details displayed here, it was clear the previous delays in releasing the game were founded.

Once it came to watching the unreleased Hitman gameplay footage, the delays were even more justifiable. With hundreds of active NPCs (all of which we were assured would react to the player’s behaviour and actions), hundreds of potential targets and assassination options, and multiple routes through each scenario, it would have been almost sinful for IO or Square Enix to rush this new title out any sooner.

The gameplay looked and felt seamless, with often complex actions looking easy to execute – something other stealth action games have suffered from in the past. The sheer size of the Paris mission we were shown spanned both indoor and outdoor areas, all of which felt well populated and crammed with realistic environmental features – there were no randomly generated messes on display just to fill space. If the whole game maintains this quality of both design and delivery, Hitman is looking to be a must-own title for fans of the series, and newcomers to Agent 47 alike.

Hitman is due for release on 11th March 2015, and will be available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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