Well to begin with, I think it’s best that I give you some insight into what I was like when I was a child.  I was that innocent but annoying little one that would always ask that one irritating question that I would repeat over and over to every adult that was left in charge of me, that question was of course… “Why?”

Like most children my brain was a new sponge waiting to absorb any and every bit of knowledge that interested me.  Whenever an adult that being one of parents, a teacher, a post man, a shop keeper or any elder who looked like they had some sort of unique wisdom that I could benefit from, I would always ask them questions and pick their brains about things such as their occupation, their culture or just their perspective on life in general and once they’d finish answering my questions I would have my trademark follow up question hidden up my sleeve… “Why?”

It was easy to see that from a young age I had a unique passion for learning.  At times I would ponder over what I would become when I was older, I came to the conclusion that I wanted to continue asking question and being child I didn’t have the most in depth methods of researching and investigating so therefore, I looked to things such as the television to see if I could find an occupation that would allow me to keep asking questions.

My family and I weren’t big fans of the watching the news on TV but on occasions we would tune in.  I remember watching a man with a microphone asking a lot of questions to a local shop keeper about things that I can’t remember but I do recall however, turning to my sister and asking her “What is that guys job?” to which she relied “He’s a Journalist”.  At that moment I thought to myself… “I wanna do that”.

online-journalismFast forward to now when I am currently studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism.  What’s great about studying my degree is that it provides me with incredible techniques and methods of investigating and asking questions
that can make person that I’m talking to open and give insight into their lives as if we were close personal friends.  Also, it can enable me to form bonds with people that would normally take weeks or months to form but the tricks of the trade I’ve picked with studying my chosen subject allows me to do so with just a few minutes of questions and answers.

My degree allows me to fur fill my passion of learning through asking questions.  I love learning through this way because I am very empathetic towards people’s lives, cultures and circumstance and studying Journalism allows me to live my dream and I would recommend the next generation to choose to study something that they love and wouldn’t mind doing for the rest of their lives.

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