Playing cards have looked the same for hundreds of years – until now. See how these international artists are redefining the world’s most ubiquitous design.

Introducing Playing Arts; a fresh, innovative deck of cards you’ve never seen before. The project is powered by a series of competitions set up to showcase global talent in art and design. Playing Arts invites you to actually look at and appreciate the cards you’re playing with.

Each edition is made up of contest submissions voted for by site users. Usually there’s one artist for each number, but this time, each card has multiple gorgeous interpretations.

Check out the end results for yourself:

Three of Clubs – Andrea Dudgeon
fab ciarolo and aitch
Left: Fab Ciarolo, Right: Aitch
Two of clubs - Riccardo Guasco.
Two of clubs – Riccardo Guasco.
Ace of Spades – Bazak
10 of Spades – Bratislav Milenkovic
Tamar Köseli
3 of Clubs – Tamar Köseli
Fernando Chamarelli, Mercedes deBellard, Ise Ananphada and ZSO (Sara Blake)
Left to right: Fernando Chamarelli, Mercedes deBellard, Ise Ananphada and ZSO (Sara Blake)

Entries are closed for the latest Special Edition, but if you’re an artist or designer you’ll want to keep an eye out for the next submission date here!

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