Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire review

Diamonds are a girls best friend? Looks like Rubies and Sapphires are EVERYONES best friend.

10 years ago game freak bought out their third generation of Pokemon, and everyone lost their bloody minds. More Pokémon, more places, two new evil teams and an awesome story to go with it. Just after this, Pokemon remade Red and Blue, the first Pokémon games, and every generation since, people have wanted a remake of these pinnacle games, Ruby and Sapphire. Everywhere on the internet you saw ‘Hoenn Confirmed’ because everyone was looking for any excuse of opportunity to wish these games into existence. Now, it’s a thing.

Pokémon-Omega-Ruby-and-Pokémon-Alpha-Sapphire-1I cannot sing this game enough praises, it is a beautiful remake that stays true to the source material well putting a new and creative spin and what we know and love. Everything to do with the game feels like a cool nod to the originals, even to the point where your character is playing the original game in the van to your new home. Not only does it bring great nostalgia but it immerses you in the experience better than any other Pokemon game IMO. The music is really good, the story line is amazing, especially the delta episode, and to me, it almost felt like you were in one of the Pokemon movies. There are very few negatives i can say about this game, and gen 6 in general. It has introduced the EXP Share mechanic which means that leveling up all of your Pokémon is 100x easier. Because of this, the game just feels like it’s on easy mode, which I don’t really have a problem with, as on the first play through of the game, i wanted ti get through it as quickly as possible, also the Pokènav which I will explain later.

I may be a little biased considering gen 3 is my favorite region. It is without a doubt the most unique, beautiful and original region and having it transformed into a 3D world only enhanced all that. No other region holds the landscape and town diversity that gen 3 does. That being said it’s the same formula and gameplay Gamefreak has been dishing out for the past 15 years. Sure there are dozens of ways they could make Pokemon better and I hope one day they choose to break out of their shell and create the most epic game of all time because they have the capability to. But for what Pokemon is this is as good as it gets. Battle graphics are nice, this region is gorgeous, and you can see Pokemon actually travelling the environment. Screw IGN and their poor excuse for giving this game the lowest Pokemon score because “too much water”, because this is the best game yet.

As amazing as this remake is, I still can’t say that it’s the best Pokemon game they’ve put out. If this game came out before X/Y, then this game would be a 10/10, but aside from it being nostalgic as heck, I was disappointed by how much of a downgrade it is from X/Y. I play Pokemon for the competitive battling and training. I can definitely say that X/Y was the first game that made building a strong competitive team easy enough for everybody. The whole Buzznav thing is just unnecessary and to be quite honest, annoying. Nobody cares, let alone wants to be spammed with what area the person you just wonder-traded found a Pokemon.

Alsmega_metagross_1o its worth noting that the game bought out some new Mega Pokemon which were absolutely amazing. I happened to nab myself a Shiny Slowpoke pretty early in the game and then upon discovery of the Mega Slowbro stone, had a Shiny Mega buddy which taken through the game with.

Basically, if you’re looking for ‘only’ a remake of your favourite game, get your hopes up since this remake is perfect in regards to remakes go. But if you’re like me, being excited about all the post-game play, and all the cool features that I’d expect to be brought over from X/Y, don’t get your hopes exceedingly high.