This week Pornhub announced their latest gimmick. Fitness app BangFit seeks to use porn for good and trick you into exercise, but it’s not the first time sex has been used for social change.

The initiative launched through a ridiculously 80s-inspired website that claims:

“[BangFit] combines the cardio of zumba, the intensity of crossfit, and the flexibility of yoga (mixed with your favorite sport).”

They’ve gone all in; the app uses your smartphone’s gyroscopic sensors to tell when you’re executing the moves. You’ll probably have your hands full while trying to hold your phone against your crotch, so Pornhub are even offering a belt holder that definitely won’t make you look like a naked escapee from a Power Rangers themed orgy.

pornhub belt
This is from a real episode, not a porn parody.

While the video features a cartoon animated couple sexercising in front of their computer, we all know what the reality is going to be: legions of bros in locked bedrooms trying to get swole from their masturbation hobby as they hump the air in their henshin belts.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing though. Obesity is a major health emergency, with recent studies showing a rise in the number of obese people from 105 million in 1974 to 641 million in 2014. By reaching out to porn watchers – some of whom would never go to a gym – Pornhub are one of few organisations not afraid to use sex to effect a positive lifestyle change.

earth after pornhub
RIP biodiversity.

In addition to getting a new group of people embracing exercise, Pornhub have tried to combat deforestation – pledging a new tree planted for every 100 views on Arbor Day – and put out a tongue-in-cheek energy saving concept that charges your phone through the power of vigorous masturbation. Most recently, they pledged to donate 1 cent for every 2,000 videos viewed to make the ocean SFW (Safe For Whales).

They’ve also thrown their hat into the space race, pledging the first zero-G sex tape by the end of 2016. Knowing its ability to push technological innovation, our demand for porn will have us occupying (and boning in) sustainable space habitats by 2020.

pornhub in space
Pictured: the pinnacle of human achievement.

On the serious side, the site’s also made it easier for victims of revenge porn to get the offending videos taken down and offered a $25,000 College scholarship last year.

While the porn industry certainly isn’t without its dark side, it’s nice to know that Pornhub’s marketing team are at least doing something positive.

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