After a long hiatus, Portishead have finally come out with a new release. Unfortunately, it took Jo Cox’s death to do it.

ABBA are the last band you might describe as “haunting”, but Portishead’s cover of SOS gave the song a new dimension. The Bristol trip-hop act haven’t released an album since 2008’s Third, but recently recorded this exclusively for High-Rise, a film set in a dystopian future Britain.

However, the band broke the song’s exclusivity to release this video featuring the band’s singer, Beth Gibbons below:

Portishead – SOS

The release comes in the wake of Jo Cox’s murder last week and yesterday’s remembrance ceremony, held on what would have been her 42nd birthday. At the end, Gibbons reaches out and a quote from Cox’s first speech in the House of Commons is shown:

“We have far more in common than which divides us.”

Portishead have captured the spirit of the country; brother arguing against brother, an atmosphere of lies and violence on our streets.

As divisive as Referendum Madness has been, it’s also seen old enemies coming together and campaigning side-by-side on both sides of the debate.

No matter what you wake up to on 24th June, Portishead’s message is clear: we need to come together against intolerance.

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