Yes, Post-Brexit racism is real. No, “the liberals” aren’t faking attacks and petrol bombing their own butcher’s shops.

Brexit is a massive topic right now causing a lot of controversy. Due to this, many have been wondering if the referendum was worth it after all, or if it’s just served as justification for people with long-held racist viewpoints.


On Facebook, reports are coming in of Europeans and anybody looking/sounding vaguely “foreign” being publicly targeted by racists. The situation is becoming increasingly serious, with a risk that it won’t change anytime soon. Amnesty International are launching an investigation into hate crimes in post-referendum UK.

A Facebook group called Worrying Signs, is documenting as many incidents as possible. Despite only having been set up a few days ago the page has more than 14,000 members.

Yasmin Weaver, one of the page founders, said that she was ‘heartbroken’ by how many posts the page has attracted. She doesn’t understand why people are acting like this. She said that people would dismiss the facts if they just saw one comment in isolation, causing her to set up the page as a central location after her “Worrying Signs” photo album went viral.


By bringing together other people with similar feelings and experiences, she hopes others will understand how bad the situation is. The pace of uploads is depressing; rather than a post every 10 hours, it’s a post every 10 minutes!

What should we do as a way to counter this abuse? Is there a solution to this problem?

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