The 90s are truly back in earnest; there’s a Clinton running for the Whitehouse, Independence Day is coming out this Summer, and even 90s music is being remixed into a new genre. 

Chalk another one up for a 90s resurgence, as Rage Against the Machine are coming back to fight the power again, and this time they’ve brought along members from Public Enemy and Cypress Hill.

The band ignited public interest Tuesday when they posted this cryptic tweet:

This was followed by a link to a splash page featuring a week-long countdown to…something. While we don’t know what that’s for, we do know some other details.
According to Billboard the members will be:

Rage Against the Machine
Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, Brad Wilk
Public Enemy
Chuck D
Cypress Hill

Together they’ll form supergroup Prophets of Rage, although whether they’ll be playing new music or simply acting as an incomplete Rage reunion remains to be seen. The time is right for this new McBusted for the Fight Club generation; people today are increasingly disaffected with politics and figures like Donald Trump are prime targets for a lyrical takedown.

Still, it’s a little disheartening to see the older generation having to get involved again. The calls for revolution and anarchy that defined our teenage adolescence will sound increasingly weird coming from a band of 50-somethings with families.

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