Lipstick Lock

Impulse purchases are dangerous things…

They can either be made from a need for a third product to get the ‘3 for 2’, or just because you deserve that new lipstick ‘so why the hell not?’. As a regular impulse purchaser, it is not surprising that I have a bagful of makeup, which is in disuse for most of the year.

As I was repurchasing my favourite Rimmel lip liner ‘1000 kisses’ in the shade nude (a perfect liner match for Velvet Teddy from Mac), I came across a product I didn’t even know existed, and now I can’t imagine my life without it. It’s the ‘Lipstick Lock’ from Rimmel, and at £4.99 it seemed reasonable considering it promises to ‘lock in lip colour for longer lasting wear’ – in the windy winter months, this seemed like a necessary purchase.

My first impression of the product comes in the form of the smell, and wow it is strong! The only thing I can compare it to is either pure alcohol rub, or the spray your parents used to use to prevent you from getting nits when you were younger. It is slightly off putting considering you put this on your lips, and I don’t think I could stomach it with a hangover.

Application is easy enough. You get a thin brush to lightly apply the product all over your lips, and it is advised that you keep your lips separate while it dries (additionally: do not lick your lips during this time either). You will only need a light covering. One thing I didn’t like about this product was how the clear liquid was; it soon tainted with traces of whatever lipstick you were wearing, and I’m concerned that, over time, it will probably alter the colour of any nude lipsticks you want to use this product with.

After wearing Lipstick Lock for a few hours I was amazed with the impact it has on wear. Usually lipstick tends to fade or transfer onto bottles and wear away after food, but this limited that. On some days, I didn’t even need to top up after my lunch!

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