Once upon a time, the London Fashion Week FROW (front row seats, fyi) was saturated with fashion buyers and editors, such as the likes of Alexandra Shulman (British Vogue editor). However, in recent times the prestigious spot has been taken up by the young fash pack and amongst those includes the twenty-something fashion and beauty bloggers who are taking the fashion industry by storm.

This feature is written in response to a recent Conde Nast careers workshop I was invited to, see the post here. One thing that was indefinitely stressed about during the session was that if you want a career in the fashion industry it’s a good idea to start your own fashion blog to get your work out there, to show your personality and style to future employees.

So, I’ve put together this guide on how easy and simple it is to start your own blog with some of my own experience, see my own blog at www.ramblingsofolivia.blogspot.com ,  and valuable advice from established bloggers thrown in too.

Make 2015 your year to launch your own creative talents and to utilise your employability skills to really get ahead in the fashion industry.

A 2013 survey conducted by OFCOM found that there was a 100% increase in blogs created; this implies that people actively want to get involved in their desired industry, whether it’s fashion, travel, interiors or cooking. People seem to be attracted to the idea of having their own corner of the internet to write about whatever they want, giving them a platform to voice their opinions and interests. From my own experience, the ‘blogosphere’ is a friendly and supportive place where people with similar interests come together and read each other’s content.  Use the ‘hashtags’ such as ‘#fblogger’ (for fashion blogs) or ‘#bblogger’ (for beauty blogs) when sharing your blog posts on social media. This links your content to a large community of bloggers in that field which are guaranteed to increase your view count and followers. Blogger events are also a great opportunity to meet and network with other bloggers, talk about your mutual interests as well as of course picking up some free goodies!

Especially in the past 3 years, bloggers such as ‘Liberty London Girl’ and Olivia Purvis of ‘What Olivia Did’ have gained so much power that they’ve changed the way brands interact with their audience. In other words, these bloggers are 21st century marketing tools. For example, in July 2014, Lily Melrose created a makeup tutorial using the newest set of ‘Real Technique’ brushes and within 24 hours Superdrug reported on a 75% increase of sales of the brand. This is how much influence these bloggers hold over their thousands of fans.

So now for the techy side of your blog creation… Decide if you’re going to use WordPress or Blogspot as a platform to showcase your blog, don’t worry if you haven’t any idea what you’re doing, there’s plenty of YouTube tutorials to assist you. Then when you’ve set your blog up you need to start jazzing up your layout: HTML  or pre-made layouts? Your blog should reflect your personality and the brand you’ve constructed for yourself as well as having a high level of professionalism. So you don’t have a DSLR or a photographer boyfriend/husband who is happy standing there snapping away whilst you pose, don’t panic you can still take good photos! Nowadays, you can buy high quality compact digital cameras which are excellent for capturing perfect shots and using a tripod is a great way to stick your timer on whilst you run away and pose- although balancing your camera on a stack of books is equally as good, that’s what I did when I first started out!

Also, good, bright lighting is a total game changer when taking photographs, especially when you’re shooting indoor. For any students out there, halls of residence lighting is just not good at all, so I use a desk lamp to brighten up my objects- winning!

So for the convenience of any budding bloggers out there, here’s a selection of tips from the pros:

“Update your content on a regular basis, not necessarily every day, but at least once a week in order to keep followers interested in your material.”

– Fashion Foie Gras

“Don’t be knocked down by negative comments and vibes.”

– Fleur De Force

“Communicate with brands. Hashtag them into your blog posts and email as many as you can, requesting to collaborate with them.”

– Lily Pebbles

“Stand out and be original. Don’t be a sheep and follow the crowd, be unique and brave.”

– Zoe London

So there you have it, your own guide to assist you on creating your own blog.

Don’t have the same generic New Year’s resolution of wanting to lose weight or to be more organised that you know you can never keep; create and maintain your own personal blog this year which will benefit you in the long run, meaning your dream career is easier to achieve.

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