While the wearables industry is busy making glasses that bring the screen to you, one man is going against the grain. Can Screeners really change your behaviour?

Chino Kim created his “Screeners” while studying Machine Learning for Artists. Inspired by a desire to cut computer screens out of his free time. Unlike normal glasses, what you see is actually transmitted via webcam. This processes the images in real-time and sends the information to Wekinator – an open-source computer learning software.

“I got really into thinking about the machine being able to recognize itself and using its newfound intelligence to save us from itself, like Gizmo from the movie Gremlins,”

gif courtesy of Chino Kim

This software cuts the power to the lenses whenever a screen is detected, blocking your vision until you look away. Worn for an extended period of time, these glasses could motivate you to avoid screens as much as possible – or it could cut your vision at a crucial time because screens are god damn everywhere.

Would you ever wear a pair of screeners, or is going blind at the sight of an LCD just too impractical?

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