The red cup. You know what I’m talking about.

Earlier this month, Joshua Feuerstein (some pretentious Evangelical – I had no idea either) posted a video on his Facebook page ranting about Starbucks’ new minimalist Christmas cups and how they ‘wanted to take Christ and Christmas off of their brand new cups’.

What a crime.

The Starbucks statement regarding the new red cups reads that: ‘This year, [they] wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories’. That’s pretty beautiful. That’s pretty considerate. But a load of people are getting angry anyway, promising boycotts and other assorted threats towards Starbucks. This is a joke. A metaphorical joke. Although I wish it was an actual joke.

First off, how many people celebrate Christmas but aren’t actually Christians? A lot. It’s a great holiday full of fun and festivities which brings people together, etcetera… But the thing is, it’s not something that everybody celebrates. Other religions have their own equally-good celebrations that aren’t mass-marketed throughout most countries. Yet they don’t complain when the retail chains don’t blast songs with lyrics that promote what they believe in.

What gives people the right to complain when Starbucks actually take a moment to think about the minority, unlike the rest of the world? Are big successful companies not allowed unique or controversial opinions that don’t fit in with society’s stupid expectations? What am I saying? This shouldn’t even be controversial.


Starbucks are notorious for being up-to-date with modern culture. You’d suppose they have to be, being a brand that heavily markets itself towards the younger generation. They sponsored the Pride For London event of July 2015, and handed out free drinks to those who were the best dressed.  The gay pride flag was even raised outside their Seattle HQ to support the National LGBT Pride Month.

This is just another opportunity for Evangelicals to call for some unprecedented boycott for something that makes no difference to them, yet they somehow think it’s okay to criticise. It just proves how ridiculous some of them can get now that they are flying off the handle for a cup.

(A cup!)

Even if you don’t agree with my previous arguments – we are all entitled to our own opinions – we can all hopefully collectively agree that Donald Trump is a tosser. His political campaign has been enough of a shambles without him siding with the aggressive-Christians as well. He expressed shock that the minimalist cups were without all the Christmas decorations of the past (because, like, God-forbid), and he stated that: ‘If I become president, we’re all going to be saying, ‘Merry Christmas’ again’.

We all know how unrealistic he can be, but my word… imposing a certain religious policy? I’m pretty sure that’s one of the ways totalitarian states operate? It’s a moment of brilliance that he has a Starbucks outlet in Trump Tower – he’ll be drinking that coffee like the hypocrite he is anyway.


Let’s get to the most obvious reason why this entire farce is so ridiculous. There are so, so many other things that are happening in the world right now that deserve much more debate than a red cup that barely changes people’s day-to-day lives.

I don’t even need to list examples for you people to realise that Earth is currently a horrible place for so many people and creatures. It is awful that these people criticising Starbucks don’t focus on the bigger picture. It’s almost sad that it’s something like this that actually makes people vocal.

What’s my overall point? Don’t be a jerk. Leave Starbucks alone. If they want to use a minimalist cup to provide the luxury that a lot of people can’t even afford, they can. It’s not a personal attack on anyone, and you’d be damn well selfish to think otherwise. If you’re really worked up about it, go buy a pen and draw a shitty snowman on it yourself. No one is going to rant at you or tell you your decision is not acceptable in society.

And if you’re not one of those people, give yourself a little pat on the back. Or treat yourself to a Starbucks if you’re feeling cheeky. You deserve it for being rational.

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