People of 2015: we need to talk…

The internet has proven time and time again that it is, if nothing else, the place to wage war on whatever-the-fuck-you-fancy. But keyboard warriors, trolls, Twatters and inept users of social media everywhere: you’ve taken it too far this year.

You’ve been brazen about your feelings surrounding cups daring to be coloured red; you’ve shouted about Benedict Cumberbap’s 7-second appearance in a movie trailer; you got vocal about Miley deciding to get her kit off (again), AND about Playboy bunnies deciding to put theirs back on… And now??!

Serena Williams

Well, now you’re getting irate at Serena Williams on behalf of a HORSE.

Not a One Horse Race

Yesterday, Sports Illustrated announced Serena Williams as their Sportsperson of the Year: a much-lauded prize in sporting spheres. Williams is an undisputed demigod of the racquet world; her name is familiar even to those who don’t eat strawberries and own sun hats, and despite being 34 (and dealing with an injury) she has managed to hold onto her rank as No. 1 in tennis for the whole of 2014 and 2015.

Even with these unprecedented and frankly unmatched statistics, there have been outcries and outrage aplenty amongst SI readers, as well as from the internet masses. Why? Because of an American Pharaoh.

Serena Williams

No sorry, not an American Pharaoh (that’s sadly not even a thing): American Pharaoh, the racehorse who is the first nag since 1978 to win the American Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing. An alarming number of people are suggesting that the horse and not Serena Williams should have been given the Sportsperson of the Year prize. Am I missing something, or is this totally and completely ludicrous?

Double Fault

Serena Williams has never been favoured by everyone, and maybe it’s time to address this problem more seriously. Whether it’s an attack based on the colour of her skin due to tennis being a predominantly white sport, or the fact she’s not as ‘womanly‘ as some might like, Serena often gets a raw deal. Her unfair treatment seems so unfounded given her contribution to her field, and now to have her Sportsperson of the Year award disputed in favour of a horse… well. You’ve all got brains: it’s utterly preposterous.

I shouldn’t even need to point out that a horse isn’t a ‘Sportsperson’ – let’s not turn this into another of those bollocks, political correctness debates either: a horse isn’t a person – but aside from that, why should anyone be arguing against this?

Serena Williams

Serena Williams has won 53 out of 56 matches. She’s the first woman to win the title since 1983 – the third in all of history. And she’s the only black woman to EVER win the award. This is progress. A horse, no matter how fast its legs or fancy its mane, shouldn’t even be in the conversation.

I’m also informed by a very reliable source that, personally, the horse couldn’t give a shit about not being awarded the title, so whose battle are fighting here?!

Final Set: Love All

Serena Williams’ success in general should be celebrated the world over. Being black and coming from a poor background, then rising to the unparalleled level she has can only motivate and encourage others who feel like the world gave them a challenging beginning. She is an uplifting example of what can be accomplished by anyone.

That being said, we should also remember that American Pharaoh deserves credit too. Not winning the prize doesn’t discount or discredit his achievements – it simply highlights he’s a different species. A mighty fine example of horse kind, but still 100% not a person.

With all this in mind, let’s make a conscious effort to make the internet of 2016 less moronic, shall we?

I’ll get off my high horse now…

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