Ladies! Whether you’re very content on your own or openly seeking a relationship, Valentine’s Day can be a miserable time for those who are single. But it needn’t be, because whilst everyone in a relationship is frantically searching for something red and heart-shaped to waste money on this weekend, you my friend have the world at your feet, and the bliss of being able to spend your time and money however you choose is not something to be taken for granted.


So here are seven realistic things to do this Valentine’s weekend to keep those single blues at bay.

All the Single Ladies…


1 – Have a Party in your Car

Play your favourite song in your car, and then aim to change gear on all the chord progressions. Because what could be more satisfying than waiting for that big cymbal crash before gliding into fifth gear on the slip road. You rock-star, you.

2 – Iron & Wine

Drink half a bottle of wine and then play 90s Pop Anthems on full blast whilst you tackle that ironing pile that’s been staring at you for the past 6 weeks. While you’re at it, tell the ironing board about that guy who didn’t text you back last month. The ironing board listens. He understands.

3 – Hijack Everyone Else’s Romantic Movie

Grab a fellow single buddy and go and watch the latest romantic film that’s out in the cinema. Sit at the back, and laugh loudly and inappropriately at all the romantic, sentimental bits. Getting thrown out of the cinema is optional.

4 – Have Some Actual Quality Time

Buy your grandma some flowers and bring them to her. Have a cup of tea with her whilst she tells you about the latest scandal with Mavis from number 54. Because you may be single, but your nana will always love you.


5 – Day Trip

Grab a cheap coach ticket to a city in the UK you’ve never been to and explore for the day. Okay, so it’s not the same as travelling the world solo, but I’m sure Bristol has a nice cathedral somewhere. Who needs The Vatican?

6 – Macaroni. Frickin. Cheese.

Make (or buy) the most calorific macaroni cheese you can muster. Eat said macaroni cheese in front of whatever Netflix box-set you’re currently in the middle of, whilst in your favourite pyjamas and the fluffiest socks you own. Because macaroni cheese is the food of angels and soothes the soul.

7 – Splash a Little Cash…

Make an online order. That new watch, those headphones, the MAC lipstick re-order, £10 million on ASOS… You deserve it, girl, ‘cause you’re a fly, sexy mama who don’t need no man (unless that man wants to buy all that stuff for you, of course).


Valentine’s Day is just a massive con, so don’t let it get you down if you’re single this year. You’re amazing – single or otherwise – so laugh in the face of the giant, heart-shaped balloons and remind yourself that the best love is self-love.

Now, where’s that ironing board?


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